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Ride Reviews and Photos
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Millenium Force

When the site of a hotel clears you begin to shiver. Because all you see is a 300 ft. monster soaring over the park. It is the greatest ride ever built. My first ride was in the sixth row. The drop is so incredible, I dream about it every night. It is not only airtime, when you hold your hands up, your shoulder sockets hurt. Then you fly into the overbanks. They are awsome. Then you soar straight over a 190 ft. camel back. Turning straight in to a 360 degree spin that goes straight into another overbank. The tunnel where your photo is taken is short, right into the bunny hops. The whole ride you never go under 50 mph. Then the last over bank and the ride is finished. The applause in the unloading station is overwhelming. This is my favorite coaster in the whole world.


Superman: The Ultimate Escape


This ride is pretty crazy. When you are launched you go pretty fast. Then you a little way up the corckscrew tower. Then it launches you backwards, this is where it gets really crazy. You go up the vertical tower. This, to me was the scariest part of the ride. Then you go all the way up the corckscrew tower. After that they stop you all the way up the vertical tower. That is awsome!!! It is a pretty long line for how short the track was. This is my second favorite ride.



Montu is easily the coolest inverted rollercoastser on the planet. It is so smooth and so beatiful! It is heaven just to whatch this ride. As you enter Egypt all you see is a stone building and the immelman. The ride is in and out of ditches. It is amazing. I suggest anyone to go out there and ride it. Also at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, my favorite wooden coaster, Gwazi, and an awsome sit down, Kumba. This is also my second favorite coaster.


This is an awsome woodie, that only frequent wisconsin dells, goers have heard of. But it is one of the best wooden rides i have been on. Big Chief go karts is the biggest go kart complex in the world. Anyway, the lines for the 3 coasters are non-existent. They let you go on two times for every token. But you can get a day pass and ride it as many times as you want. The ride is sweet, it is fast and insane. The coaster goes into the woods right away. All you can see of the ride is the first drop. Then cyclops is the most intense ride i have been on. So much, that you can't ride in the back unless you are 18. I love these.

The Incredible Hulk


The first time you ride this coaster you get scared. You can't antisapate the launch. Especailly in the back. When you launch into the barrel roll, you feel completly weightless. Then you drop into the cobra roll, sweet. The huge loop, sweet. Then after a quick helix, you hit a hard corckscrew, sweet. After dropping into another loop twist a lot then another corkscrew. All i have say about this ride is, sweet. This is my fourth favorite ride. And my second favorite park. Islands of Adventure that is.

Dueling Dragons


This ride is incredible. The line takes ten minutes to run through alone. Now, i prefer the fire coaster over the ice coaster, but when the ice does the zero g roll with the fire coaster right over it.. That is awsome!! On fire, my favorite part is the immelman into the 360 helix, that was amazing! The g's you feel in the back are astonishing! Every single one of the fly-by's are insane. I love this coaster and it is my 2nd, favorite inverted coaster.

Raging Bull


Raging Bull is an awsome ride to look at. The drop is pretty amazing. You level out at the exact height of the Gian Drop. Now, the back is the only place to go in this ride. The airtime on raging bull is okay. A lot less than you would think by whatching it. I may only be saying this because no drop can really match Millenium Force's. The rest of the ride is really fun. The turns are high and banked. The camel backs are really fun. The figure 8 helix ending is one of the coolest parts. All in all, I love this ride.

Batman: Knight Flight


Batman was an awsome ride. The first time I rode it i was overwhelmed with the sling shot affect in the back row. You get thrown over the turning drop. The loop is awsome. You hang way out of your seat. Then you turn over a building. That's one thing about this ride i thought they could have fixed. There was too much turning, they should have gotten to the point with like and immleman and a zero g roll. The cobra roll is alright. I've been on much better though. The corksdrews are tight and fast. They were fun. Then more turning. This was an awsome coaster, it just had too many boring times.



This is my favorite wooden ride in the world. It is so exciting! Both trains are equally sweet. The turns are hard banked and you never slow down! The only problem is that the lines move really slowly. The drops are good, and the fly-by's are awsome. Unlike Dueling Dragons, if these coasters weren't together theyed still be just as crazy.

Batman: The Ride


This is a very compact, but fun b&m inverted coaster. It seems to me like ever six flags park has one. The one i've been on is the original. At six flags great america. It is very smooth, very short, and very fast. You get pretty headsick after 5 inversions in 45 seconds. It's just loop after loop. I love this ride and could do it over, and over, and over.



Raptor is a pretty sweet ride. As you enter Cedar Point the drop seems straight down. Only because of the angle. But when you are in the front seat, the drop sucks. But I guess that inverted coasters aren't made for thier drops. The loop is really fun in the back. And zero g rolls are always cool. The cobra roll is okay, i guess. It's pretty much the same as the one on Dueling Dragons. There are a lot of helixes making the ride really fun. The dip and flip is sweet. Then finally the finishing helix pulls a lot of g's. All in all, this ride rules pulling in at my third favorite inverted ride.



I haven't been on that many stand-up coasters in my life, but this one I'm sure is one of the best. The changing of direction is phenominal. The inversions, are nuts. The loop is way too big for the ride. I can't even believe that it makes it. And the dive loop is more fun than on most b&m's. Then the incline loop is incredible. The rest of the ride is the best part, you flip from side to side like crazy. The only part i don't like is that the g's felt like they poped a vessel in my foot. But it is worth it.