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Coaster News
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News will be added frequently

2/10- Six Flags Ohio after purchasing Sea World Ohio will be changind the name to Six Flags Adventure World. The park will be amazing.

2/1- Disney's California Adventure will open soon. Six Flags Ohio purchases Sea World, which will expand the park considerably

12/17- The travel channel will be showing a show about the world's best thrill parks. They will be aired (eastern time)
dec. 20, 2000, 12:00 Am
dec. 20, 2000, 9:00 Pm
dec, 24, 2000, 4:00 Pm

12/4- The 2001 coaster for Six Flags Great Adventure coaster the "Nitro", Will be 275ft.+, and have a record of 900 total drop feet. It will also 6000ft+, there is a 300 ft. crane hovering over the park right now. This ride is going to be awsome.

-The Titan a Goliath clone has been announced for Six Flags over texas. 11/25

-Two new coasters for Six Flags Great America. One is an Intamin impulse coaster. A clone of the awsome Superman: The Ultimate Escape. The other is a huge Vekoma Invertigo. Maybe even the highest invertigo in the world. 11/29

-Las Vegas is adding a world record ferris wheel. Each 32 person cabin is an individual restraunt. A little snack shack on this 530 ft. monster. That's a pretty freaky wheel. 11/29

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