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Park Reviews
Neil's Extreme Roller Coaster Site

These are reviews of my favorite parks

Islands Of Adventure

Islands of Adventure is easily my favorite park in the world. Even as you enter the park you can tell that it is a entirely different world. I had the oppritunity to take a V.I.P. tour. We had a tour guide that tooks us around the park and also took us up the exit and in to the front of the line. So we went on all the major rides with no wait. There was only one flaw, you couldn't enjoy the awsomely themed lines. As you enter you see The Incredible Hulk to your left and all of Marvel Superhero land, and to your right you see Dr. Suess land. It is the coolest feeling to be in all of your favorite comics and books. The Incredible Hulk is one of my favorite rides in the world. The front and the back are amazing. Dr. Doom's fearfall towers are awsome! At the top they push you down a ton harder than other S&S towers. Now, Spiderman, the only ride in the world that can't be explained. All I can say is that it is the most astonishing ride ever created. That's all I can say. Dr. Suess area is really cool. All of your favorite Suess characters really come alive. I can't even explain it. You honestly feel like you are in The Sneeches Beaches or The Cat In The Hat. Which is one of the neatest rides in the park. In a unique stadium seated coach you go through the entire book. In The Lost Continents section you are in a very neat old world. Ancient Greece with statues drowning in water. Posiden's Fury is the greatest Show/Ride in the world. The show is incredible. And the secret ending is worth traveling to florida to alone. Dueling Dragon's is an incredible ride. I think both sides are equally amazing. It is really a world class B&M. With surprises that scare you to death. I love this ride. The Jurrassic Park section is an amusment park by itself. It feels exactly like the movie. The fences, the buildings, everything. The water ride is fantastic. The dinasaurs can be kind of weak, but the t'rex and the drop are the coolest. All though one of the neatest areas is the cartoon area. Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges is the neatest water ride ever. Although Dudley-Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls is my all time favorite water ride. I rode it at least 15 times and it only got better.
Overall, IOA is the cutest, scariest, best rided, cleanest, and the alltime most awsome thrill park in the world. It really does drop you into worlds and re-enter the real onne at the end of the day.




Six Flags Great America

Sis Flags Great America is an amazing park. Now with two new coasters this year it is an extreme park. It is my home park and one of my favorites. It has many great rides and a great location. It is nearly exactly between Milwaukee, and Chicago. Now let's go clockwise around the park. When you enter, the shock wave is right next to the entrance gate. It is very fun to watch the people go over the top. When you enter there is a giant carousel over a mirror lake. The shock wave is an awesome Arrow 7 looper and is awesome. For many this is not very exciting concidering that it bangs your head extremely hard. If you have seen the Viper at SF Magic Mountain in California then you know this ride also, becasue they are almost identical. 180 ft curving drop into a giant loop then two others, into the brake run a boomerang a helix a double corckscrew then the finaly.

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