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Other Awsome Coasters
Neil's Extreme Roller Coaster Site

Superman: Krypton Coaster


This ride looks nuts. Just the way it flys through that ditch and stuff. To me it looks like the coolest floorless coaster.



All together this ride looks awsome. The color, design, train, it just looks plain old sweet. I would love to ride in the back seat of this baby.



I saw this ride before it opened in Florida, and it just blew my mind. I would be there in a second to ride this one.

Dragon Khan


This is a really cool coaster. The layout is really neat. And the drop seems like it produces some airtime. Then again, it does have the most inversions of any coaster in the world besides, Stealth, and Monte Makaya. I would travel to Spain to ride this.

Alpengiest, Apollo's Chariot


Now, I'm going to ride these two anyway, but they are both sweet. Alpengiest is huge and beautiful. Apollo's Chariot is like airtime heaven. Now, I am seriously condidering breaking the world endurance record on a roller coaster. And I think that Apollo's Chariot would be a good one to do it on. Because it isn't too insane, and it looks like a hell of a good time.



This ride is the coolest. I'm sure there will be a better flying coaster, but this coaster fits my list of a coasters. The flying turns are cool, and that inside loop, looks super awsome. I really want this one.

Riddler's Revenge


This ride is freakin' sweet. I am going to ride this one but i still want to add it in this section. It looks similar to kumba. There are too many dive loops though. That incline loop looks cool too.

Hypersonic XLC


Again, this is a coaster i am riding next season. This is the coolest idea on a ride i have ever seen. Better than the flying coaster. I can't wait to fly from 0-80 in one second.

Son of Beast


This ride is nuts. I can't believe they made a wooden ride that is taller than most hypercoasters! Which pretty much is the reason i am so drawn to this coaster. And that loop, is a wierd but sweet addition. I hope to be out there soon.

The Ultra Twister


This ride is soo cool. It is really different. The heartlines look like something that would rule. Then the 85 degree drop could add a little to it. I want to ride this one.

Lightning Racer


I have a friend who has ridden this, and he said that he would rather have gone on Gwazi. It can't blame him, but there is just something about this ride that looks interesting. I would ride The Lightning Racer in a second.

Superman: Ride of Steel


There are plenty of these rides around america. And i think the one that i like the most is the one at Six Flags New England or Six Flags America. Now i've been on Millenium Force and that was the best. But these rides look more like hypertwisters. There is one that has this sweet looking helix. The drop doesn't look that great, but the rest of the ride is sweet. Bolliger and Mabillard have been the best company for a while, but it looks like Intamin is coming out with the 2000's best coasters.

Shivering Timbers


One of my best friends has ridden this. And i don't think he realized how sweet this ride is. He described it to me as it was just a kiddie ride. But this ride is amazing. The camel backs, are awsome. I would love to travel to this one.



This ride looks pretty cool i guess. The drop. The rest of the ride looks pretty boring. Nemisis is also at alton towers and that one looks sweet.

Top Gun: The Jet Coaster


The Top Gun at PGA, looks pretty lame. But this coaster is awsome. One of the best B&M inverteds I've ever seen. The Batwing and the helix corkscrew is sweet. I love this ride soo much. I would sell my kidney to ride This Top Gun.



This looks like a really awsome woodie. It goes in and out of itself so many times. And then the bankless quik turns look sweet too. I would travel all the way to California for this ride.



Both Great Adventure and Marine world's Medusa's are on my "to do" list. GA's Medusa just looks like sweet, sweet fun. Then Marine world's is just an awsome coaster to look at.


Now, this ride really fofills the term, "twister". This ride is the only of it's kind in the world. You twist so tightly it is amazing. When i go to Magic Mountain, I will be sure to ride this one.