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New For 2001
Neil's Extreme Roller Coaster Site

The Batwing

Cornball Express

This family CCI twister will feature a 55 ft. lift hill with a 75 ft. drop and a large helix.

V2: Vertical Velocity

This SUE clone will be awsome, I have ridden SUE and it is my second favorite coaster. This one will be at Six Flags Marine World. Everyone will love it!


The first ever Arrow Dynamics 4th dimemsion coaster. Flips you all over. And it is said that you have a choice of how you want to sit. The cars will not be on top or bottom, but on the side. And they freely twist and turn.

Deja Vu

This vekoma prototype is a clone of the one that is now being built at SFGA. A huge face/off type ride, that will set and break records for this type.

Goliath Jr.

The third out of 3, of the new SFMM coasters. This is a kiddie ride themed and copied from it's father coaster.


This intamin inverted coaster is gonna sweep the coaster fans of europe. To see awsome pictures of this amazing coaster, go to Mike's Coaster designs in the links section. It's claim to fame is a zero g roll to helix into another zero g roll that is in a tunnel. Check it out.

Nitro (name not for certain)

This coaster heading for Six Flags Great Adventure is going to be totally hip. With a 275 ft+ drop, and a length of 6000ft+. This coaster is going to be be a top ten ride. It also will feature a total drop footage record of 900+ feet. This will be the second tallest coaster in the United States. The name is not for certain, possibly, Nitro, and possibly some other villain for Superman.


The 255 ft. Goliath clone ready to hit six flags over texas.

The Talon

Dorney park is adding a b&m inverted coaster. Grip the fear.

Hypersonic SLC

The world's first commercial extreme launched coaster being erected at Paramount's King's Dominion.

Wild Fire

This b&m sit down is ready to set silver dollar city a blaze.

Phantom's Revenge

Kennywood's turning a masterpiece into a world class hypercoaster.

Yet Unamed

These two new coasters for Six Flags Great America are awsome. One a Superman: The Ultimate Escape clone. And the other, a vekoma invertigo prototype, is going to break hieght records for this type of ride.