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Neil's Extreme Roller Coaster Site

Welcome to Neil's Roller Coaster site. One of the best in News and Reviews.

This is my site totally devoted to the coolest roller coasters on the planet. This site is really awsome and you should check it out all of the time. There will be a news section, and a lot of other cool little goodies. I would love information and feedback about my site. E-mail me if you would like to be featured on my links page. Thank you.


New sections, photos, and others will be added all of the time. Please send me photos and if i can i will try to make a discussion forum sometime.

What's New?

2/11- Cornball Express at 2001 previews and pics at park reviews.

2/10- V2: Vertical Velocity, an SUE clone to hit SF Marine World.

2/10- I have added a Park Reviews section and have already gotten Islands of Adventure done. There will be many more with pictures.

2/7- Six Flags Adventure World is the new name of the Six Flags Ohio superpark, after purchasing the adjacent Sea World.

2/1- I have changed the name because of mix up with the real Rockin' Roller Coaster, I have added pictures, news and a counter.

12/17- I have added Deja Vu, X, and Goliath Jr. to the new for 2001 section. Also news about an upcoming tv show.

12/11- The Metro added for the 2001 coaster section, go to Mike's Coaster designs in the links section to check it out.

12/4- News for six flags great adventure's, Nitro. And additions to the 2001 coasters section.

12/3- I have just added other awsome coasers and a buch of new reviews.

12/1- I have added pictures to all of the coasters in the other awsome coasters section.

Look to the bottom of the page for recent updates, Last-2/10/2001

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Since Febuary 2, 2001

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